The recovery phase following a breast augmentation procedure happens in different stages. If you are one of those who are planning or scheduled to get this kind of surgical operation, you need to know what to expect after the procedure.

Right after the surgical procedure, you can expect to feel pain. As the anaesthesia wears off, you might also feel nauseated and confused. During the following weeks, the pain, bruising, swelling, as well as numbness are pretty common. You need to be ready to make some changes to your lifestyle for several weeks. These include altering your sleeping position and avoiding exercise during these period. You also need to take note that you will experience emotional changes and you will undergo certain adjustments after having the operation.

Once the surgery is finished, you will be transferred to a recovery room where you will slowly wake up from your anaesthesia while being monitored by your assigned nurse. Many women feel confused when they wake up, which is a common side effect as the anaesthesia wears off. You will also experience certain levels of pain and soreness at the site where the incision was made. These may be located in the arms, back, and stomach.

Your recovery will continue at home after you are discharged from the hospital. Your breasts will feel very sensitive and swollen plus, you will also see a lot of bruising. You will continue to feel pain however; it will start to subside as the days go by. You may also feel some itchiness over your chest. Since your breasts have been stretched to accommodate your breast implants, it is also common to feel some sort of tightness in that area. In most cases, patients are given compression bandages when they are sent home. This can cause the constricting pain. It could also become harder to take deep breaths.

During this period, your breast may feel and look weird. They will feel unnatural and a bit harder than normal because the implants have not settled into its permanent position yet. The breasts may feel numb and they may take on a torpedo shape, both of which are temporary.

After having the breast augmentation procedure, you will have to make changes to your normal routine. You will be asked to sleep upright for a few days to prevent putting pressure on your incision. You will also be asked not to perform exercises, lifting heavy things, having intercourse, and bending for at least two weeks after the surgery. You will be at risk of experiencing complications if you fail to stop doing all these activities temporarily.

After a month, you will notice some improvements in the bruising and swelling. The implants will start to settle and your breasts will start to look and feel normal. You may still feel residual pain but it would not be that debilitating. Numbness would also start to subside. However, some women who have had this operation are unable to feel any breast sensation for more than twelve months.

You also need to expect some emotional adjustments after undergoing breast augmentation. Some feel unhappy with the results while others would be surprised at how large their breasts have become. To those who are dissatisfied, they may undergo a few other operations to get the outcomes that they desire. But, there are also those who feel really happy with their operation and they also feel more confident about themselves.