How To Draw A Cartoon Helicopter

How To Draw A Cartoon Helicopter. Draw the blades at top. Draw a simple cylinder to the side and top.

How to Draw a Helicopter · Art Projects for Kids
How to Draw a Helicopter · Art Projects for Kids from

4.draw two curves on the fuselage to get the window. Keep doing until you get an amazing helicopter cartoon drawing. We have something to draw, so what are you waiting for?

It Looks Like A Radar.

Then draw the undercarriage at the bottom. You can get lots of great ideas in this way for establishing that unique look. Timelapse tutorial on drawing a huey helicopter.

Follow All The Steps Given Below Thoroughly To Draw A Helicopter In Just A Few Minutes.

You are only one step far to reach this wondrous easy drawing. Draw the fuselage and tail. Draw two ovals on the fuselage.

Draw The Windshield And Door On The Fuselage.

Then draw a small oval inside of it. Draw the structure connecting the rotor and the fuselage first. Now i am going to share step by step tutorial on how to draw a helicopter.

Draw A Simple Cylinder To The Side And Top.

Army, passenger, civilian and cartoon helicopters for children. Draw four vertical lines on the bottom, then draw a rectangle transversely to get the landing gear. Learn how to draw a simple cartoon helicopter that will easily fly into the sky!

Then Draw A Circle At The Ends Of Them, And A Small Circle Inside.

Draw a circle on the right, and inside it, draw a small circle and three short lines. So, first, we outline the contours of the cockpit and tail of our helicopter. 2.draw two curves at the gap, and connect the ends of them with a curve.


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