How To Draw A Gift Bag

How To Draw A Gift Bag. Make sure to reinforce the stitches at the start and finish. Cut exterior fabric to 19” x 12”.

It's easy to make your own DIY Gift Bags in under 5
It's easy to make your own DIY Gift Bags in under 5 from

Use drawstring bags to help when packing for a trip, giving gifts in reusable gift bags, organizing craft projects, and more! With wrong sides together, fold the bottom short edge of your linen rectangle up to meet the top short edge. Take your outer piece and fold it in half crosswise (not lengthwise!), then press to get the center crease.

Since The Bag Is 14 Inches Long You Will.

Take your bag and turn it on its side, so your side seam is now in the center of the fabric. The utility does the same thing you would do,. Very basic and easy for everyone who have just started to learn draw.

Flip The Bag Over So The Glued Or Taped Crease Is Facing Down.

Remove the safety pin and tie the ends together in a knot. Sew up both sides and the bottom. Cut exterior fabric to 19” x 12”.

Pull Out The Sides Of Your Bag.

Place one seam on top of the other seam. Repeat on the other side. Pin a safety pin on one end of a drawstring and feed it through the casing.

The Width Of The Rectangle Should Be The Width Of The Item + About 3 Inches.

Cut an 18″ piece of ribbon, making sure the ends are cut at an angle. You end up with a reversible draw string bag, fully functional on both sides. I wanted it to be fun and different.

Sew Your Lining To The Burlap.

Then insert the safety pin end into one opening of the 3/4″ casing. (this will help when you feed the ribbon through the drawstring pocket) it helps to heat seal the ends with a lighter. Measure ½ (1.3cm) from the corner seam (don't measure from the edge of the fabric) in both directions.


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