How To Draw A Hippo

How To Draw A Hippo. Rub out the overlapping lines. How to draw a hippo easy.

How To Draw A Hippopotamus Step By Step
How To Draw A Hippopotamus Step By Step from

The hippopotamus, or hippo for short, is a big, curvy animal. Add a smaller circle for the head. Draw a curve down from the bottom of one ear.

Africa Two Hippo Species Are Found In Africa.

How to draw a hippo in the water. The muzzle of a hippopotamus is a horizontally located oval. Limited to very restricted ranges in west africa, it is a shy, solitary.

Limited To Very Restricted Ranges In West Africa, It Is A Shy, Solitary Forest Dweller, And Is Now Endangered.

Then draw the mouth below. Draw a line in each ear. In this drawing lesson, we’ll show how to draw a hippo step by step total 15 phase here we create a hippo it will be easy tutorial.

The Common Hippo (Also Known As The Large Hippo), Found In East Africa, Occurs South Of The Sahara.

Then add two ovals on the face. Other members of the animal kingdom, like the bear, will pop in from time to, draw the hippo’s short, stout, legs. (step 7) draw more ovals on the feet.

Draw A Small Eye First.

You can find a complete information about hippopotamus health. Then draw a hind leg. Give your hippo four legs and two small ears.

Make Him What You Want Him To.

How to draw a cute hippo standing. Now you need to draw the ears with which the mammal drives away annoying insects and birds. How do you make a flamingo?


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