How To Draw A Turkey On A Plate

How To Draw A Turkey On A Plate. Paper plate coloured paper popsicle stick (lolly pop stick) colouring pencils/paint scissors glue turkey template. Add tip ask question comment download.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft Thanksgiving crafts to make
Paper Plate Turkey Craft Thanksgiving crafts to make from

Wash and separate the kale or endive leaves. Add tip ask question comment download. Step 6 now sketch in the body.

Glue Or Staple The Body To The Plate And You're Done Your Turkey!

Then we gave them points for things like. “for step #1, we are going to draw the hat of the turkey. The two feet will be glued together to form the turkey's body.

Join The Paper Strip Ends To Create A Loop And Secure With Glue.

Squirt on to the plastic container lid. Draw a small teardrop shape coming out of the bottom of the beak to make the turkey’s wattle. Cut a small peanut shape out of red construction paper for a waddle.

Step 6 Now Sketch In The Body.

2.) ink the outline with a sharpie. Then lightly sketch with the watercolor pencil in brown, orange, yellow, and red on the appropriate parts for turkey tom’s body. Glue the eyes, beak, waddle, and feet to.

Glue The Completed Turkey Head Onto The Paper Plate.

Glue the eyes, gobbler and beak onto the head (you could substitute wiggly eyes for the template ones or just use a black marker to draw on eyes) glue the feet onto the bottom of the boddy. Glue the strips to the outer rim of the paper plate, leaving space at the bottom to cut a small insertion into the plate. What you need for the paper plate handprint turkey craft.

Cut A Small Triangle Out Of Orange Construction Paper For A Beak.

Tape the feathers onto the back of the paper plate. Draw a smaller oval above it for the head. Draw two lines, close together, for each of the legs.


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