How To Draw Cue Ball

How To Draw Cue Ball. A backspin is also known as the draw shot, and this type of shot should be used when you want the cue ball to draw back after hitting the object ball. By generating this spin you are just drawing the ball away from its settling point.

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Most decent players could probably draw up and down table if they put the cue ball a foot away from the object ball but there are other things far more important. Draw is one of the most difficult types of spin to put on the cue ball accurately. Finally, as the slide wears off, the cue ball starts to roll.

This Video Is Intended For Players Of All Levels.

There are similar rules for draw shots. The draw shot pulls the cue ball back away from the tangent line. Draw is the buzz word for pull the cue ball back.

Set The Cue Ball On The Head Spot Or The Foot Spot, With The Object Ball 2 Diamonds Away From The Cue Ball.

You can achieve this backwards spin by striking the cue ball below center. The draw is a type of spin that you can put on the cue ball to make it travel in the opposite direction of the cue ball. We will cover the different factors & common problems.

Some People Still Prefer To Use It In Many Situations, But Generally It Is Easier For Players To Make Precise Position Using Follow Rather Than Draw.

Progressive practice is highly efficient. When all balls are the same, draw and follow are of near equal difficulty. Thus, the lower you strike the cue ball the more spin generates.

For More Draw, You Can Aim Lower On The Cue Ball, But Usually No More Than The Width Of A Cue Tip And A Half.

Learn how to draw the cue ball precisely to a certain point more and more often with those tips. To make the cue ball draw back, we need to hit below the equator and make sure we hit the cue ball hard enough so that it is backspinning when it hits the object ball. Most cuesticks are this flexible.

Draw The Cue Ball Back To Where It Started.

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. The cue ball will receive draw spin as planned, easily and without added effort on my part. When you hit the cue ball with draw, it will cause the ball to rotate in a backward direction.


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