How To Draw Easy Fish

How To Draw Easy Fish. Please keep the direction of the strokes as seen in the picture. Draw the mouth of your fish.

How To Draw Koi Fish Draw Central
How To Draw Koi Fish Draw Central from

One end should be wide for the face of the fish, and the opposite end should come to a point for the tail. Draw fins at the end and at the top. Using a pen, outline the betta's details.

Here’s How To Draw One.

Begin with the simple step you would for any animal drawing: These could even be drawn by kids as well. Draw another, partial eye, so that it seems to be protruding from the left.

From The First Eye Draw The Lower Part Of The Fish.

Draw the mouth as a curved line on the front of the fish's face. Make some pencil strokes on every fin so that the fins will look more like fins. 16 steps to draw a fish.

If You’re Drawing A Tuna In Profile, The Overall Body Shape Is A Spindle Or A Teardrop Laid On Its Side.

The pattern will look a. This first step will be your head guide and at the same time the foundation of your entire drawing. Draw a smaller circle, with thicker edges, inside each circle.

This Will Look Similar To The Bottom Fins Too, Except The Top One Is At The Top Of The Betta.

Draw some fin and tail details; Add two smaller curved lines to the left of the bigger one. Please keep the direction of the strokes as seen in the picture.

Learn How To Draw Fish Simply By Following The Steps Outlined In Our Video Lessons.

Draw another triangle for the head. Fishes are adorable when they are cartoons. Fish come in many different colors and patterns so be creative when you color your fish!


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