How To Draw Muscle Man

How To Draw Muscle Man. Firstly, the shoulders are significantly wider (it becomes apparent in the next step). Sketch the strokes for the ears and the details of the face.

How I draw a bodybuilder Manga style part 2 (ink) YouTube
How I draw a bodybuilder Manga style part 2 (ink) YouTube from

Draw the applicable shape of the head of your drawing model. The ribcage leads to the base of the neck. Draw muscle man's hand within the shape of the circle using a series of curved lines.

Use Two Curved Lines For Muscle Man's Chest.

Get the layout of the big muscle groups first before going into the detail. Follow the path of the guide as you make the shape of the arm thicker. Step 4 — afterwards, draw the right leg.

Add Another Wavy Line Near The Lip Of The Upper Shell.

Draw a wavy line inside the opening created when you drew the two sides of the shell. Looks like this guy needs a life outside the gym. If drawing on paper, make light lines up until the final step of the tutorial, as this will make it easier to erase any potential mistakes.

Draw A Smooth Line Below The Head, This Will Be The Neck.

How to draw muscle man from regular show. Depict the ears and neck. Where or what i should search to find reference images of more muscular men (real life or drawings) that do not have a sexual undertone to.

The Oval Of The Face Looks Like A Rectangle.

So, do not confuse the edge of the widest muscle of the back with the edge of the ribcage. First make a mark at the bottom to indicate how far down the line will go. The shape of the mouth should be similar to a sausage link.

I Noticed I Needed Some Lat Muscles (Latissumus Dorsi), So Let's Add A Curve On Each Side Of The Chest.

The ribcage leads to the base of the neck. Notice how the hand tilts back, and the fingers point out in different directions. We draw a man, so we advise to rely on the rules of the image of a male figure, which we drew in the lesson on how to draw a man.


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