How To Draw Stormtrooper

How To Draw Stormtrooper. Today we're drawing one of the coolest stormtroopers, ever! He was created by created by george lucas.

How to draw stormtrooper, Star Wars characters YouTube
How to draw stormtrooper, Star Wars characters YouTube from

Draw a small curve in between the eyes to represent the structure of the helmet. Using the above picture as a guide, stormtrooper ´s rib cage should be drawn using a slight 3/4 perspective. Give the helmet some detail by drawing a series of small lines that start near the mouthpiece and recede back.

Connect The Parallel Lines At Each End Using Short, Curved Lines.

The empire is known to strike at will, well geared up with limitless power in their arsenal, as well as a. We love pop toys and we're using. Draw a small trapezoid at the bottom of the blade.

He Was Created By Created By George Lucas.

You now have a finished inked drawing of a stormtrooper! Darken if the top part and use the top horizontal construction line as a guide to draw a band on the stormtrooper's helmet. Today we're learning how to draw a first order stormtrooper helmet.

Draw A Curve On Top Of The Bottom Horizontal Line For The Mouthpiece.

Learn how to draw a stormtrooper from star wars episode 7 the fun and easy way. How to draw a stormtrooper. Now draw two angled curves right below the top horizontal construction line for the stormtrooper's eyes.

Stormtrooper Is A Male Character From Star Wars Movie And He Is One Of The Main Protagonist.

And we’re gonna start with the eyes of the stormtrooper. Draw outline for legs, arms, hands and feet. These are not the most formidable characters from this space opera.

For A More Finished, Inked Look, Carefully Draw Over The Final Sketch Lines With A Pen Or Marker.

How to draw a stormtrooper. Follow along with our narrated step by step drawing lessons. Sketch the outline of the helmet and the ears.


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